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“Mental health in the workplace: The coming revolution,” McKinsey Quarterly, 2020 Read

“Magnitude and Effects of ‘Sludge’ in Benefits Administration: How Health Insurance Hassles Burden Workers and Cost Employers,” Academy of Management Discoveries, 2020 Download

“Using longitudinal prescription data to examine the incidence of other chronic diseases following antidepressant use,” Journal of Psychiatric Research, 2020 Read

“Teaching Power in Ways That Influence Students’ Career Success: Some Fundamental Ideas,” Organizational Dynamics, in press Download

“The Overlooked Essentials of Employee Well-being,” McKinsey Quarterly, 2018 Download

“Organizations Appear More Unethical than Individuals,” Journal of Business Ethics, 2018 Download

“The Effect of Economic Consequences onSocial Judgment and Choice: Reward Interdependence and the Preference for Sociability Versus Competence,” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2018 Download

“The Economic Evaluation of Time Can Cause Stress,” Academy of Management Discoveries, 2018 Download

“Intertemporal Uncertainty Avoidance: When the Future Is Uncertain, People Prefer the Present, and When the Present Is Uncertain, People Prefer the Future,” Management Science, 2017 Download

“Power and Death: Mortality Salience Increases Power Seeking While Feeling Powerful Reduces Death Anxiety,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 2016 Download

“Workplace stressors & health outcomes: Health policy for the workplace,” Behavioral Science & Policy, 2015 Download

“The Relationship Between Workplace Stressors and Mortality and Health Costs in the United States,” Management Science, Articles in Advance, March 2015 Download

“How “Organization” Can Weaken The Norm of Reciprocity: The Effects of Attributions for Favors and a Calculative Mindset,” Academy of Management Discoveries, 2015 Download

“You’re Still the Same: Why Theories of Power Hold Over Time and Across Contexts,” The Academy of Management Perspectives, November 2013 Download

“When Does Money Make Money More Important? Survey and Experimental Evidence,” ILRReview, October 2013 Download

“Power, Capriciousness, and Consequences,” Harvard Business Review, April 2013 Download

“The Economic Evaluation of Time: Organizational Causes and Individual Consequences,” Research in Organizational Behavior, 2012 Download

“Management a Profession? Where’s The Proof?” Harvard Business Review, September 2011 Download

“Time is Tight: How Economic Value of Time Increases Feelings of Time Pressure,” Journal of Applied Psychology, 2011 Download

“Power Play,” Harvard Business Review, July-August 2010 Download

“Building Sustainable Organizations: The Human Factor,” Academy of Management Perpectives, February 2010 Download

“When is Happiness About How Much You Earn? The Effect of Hourly Payment on the Money Happiness Connection,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, October 2009 Download

“Shareholders First? Not so fast…,” Harvard Business Review, Summer 2009 Download

“Economic Evaluation: The Effect of Money and Economics on Attitudes about Volunteering,” Journal of Economic Psychology, June 2009 Download

“The Stingy Hour: How Accounting for Time Affects Volunteering,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, August 2009 Download

“Hourly Payment and Volunteering: The Effect of Organizational Practices on Decisions about Time Use,” Academy of Management Journal, August 2007 Download

“Human Resources from an Organizational Behavior Perspective: Some Paradoxes Explained,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, Fall 2007 Download

“When Time is Money: The Effect of Hourly Payment on the Evaluation of Time,”Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, September 2007 Download

“A Modest Proposal: How We Might Change the Process and Product of Managerial Research,” Academy of Management Journal, December 2007 Download

“Overcoming the Self-Promotion Dilemma: Interpersonal Attraction and Extra Help as a Consequence of Who Sings One’s Praises,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, October 2006 Download

“Economics Language and Assumptions: How Theories Can be Self-Fullfilling,”Academy of Management Review, January 2005 Download

“Changing Mental Models: HR’s Most Important Task,” Human Resource Management, Summer 2005 Download

“Building Organization Theory from First Principles: The Self-Enhancement Motive and Understanding Power and Influence,” Organizational Science, July-August 2005

“The Business School ‘Business’: Some Lessons from the US Experience,”Journal of Management Science, December 2004 Download

“The End of Business Schools? Less Success Than Meets the Eye,” The Academy of Management Learning and Education, September 2009 Download

“Business and the Spirit: Management Practices that Sustain Values” Download