Speaking Testimonials

“Jeff Pfeffer was the opening keynoter at the 2006 HR Technology® Conference speaking about his earlier book, Hard Facts, on evidence-based management. The audience of nearly 1,000 senior HR executives loved his humor and his insights, formally evaluating him at 4.75 out of 5. I guess that’s an “A” in his world.”
—Bill Kutik, co-chair HR Technology® Conference & Expo

“Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer is simply one of the best Management thinkers and speakers in the world. And our company, HSM, works with only the very best. His ability to put the People context with business results is unmatched. I recommend him to any company.”
—José Salibi Neto, Co-Founder & Chief Knowledge Officer, HSM Brasil

“Jeff has a natural, conversational style which combined with his command of the subject and marketing sense result in entertaining and informative presentations.”
—Shanda Bahles, former Managing Partner of El Dorado Ventures 

“Jeff Pfeffer is the rarest of creatures in the world of business thought leaders: he is substantial and entertaining. There are countless professional business edutainers completely lacking in substance.  And there are thousands of business academics who do rigorous research but put audiences to sleep.  Jeff is one of a handful that combines deep and rigorous research with a delivery that inspires and holds an audience.”
—Roger Martin, Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto,  author, and a former partner of Monitor, the strategy consulting firm.

“Pfeffer’s insightful stories and innovative strategies surrounding organizational behavior are among the best that are available today.  Whether you are trying to improve performance, realize the untapped potential of your employees, or drive customer-centricity throughout your company, Jeff’s fresh and irreverent perspectives are sure to help you move the needle”.
—Andrew Salzman, Chief Marketing Officer, Saba Software

I have known Pfeffer for a number of years and used him at a number of different forums at Hewitt.  He has helped us develop emerging leaders and to facilitate discussion at meeting with our top clients.  We have also asked Jeff to advice us on some fairly significant global research projects.  I have always found his writing to be thoughtful and provocative and have found discussions with him in a variety of settings to be just as stimulating.  He is invariably compelling and engaging and brings an energy and enthusiasm for ideas that is unparalleled in our field.”
Bob Gandossy, Hewitt’s Global Practice Leader for Talent, Engagement, and Leadership

“Jeff possesses two exceedingly rare traits; he is both a scholar and also a practitioner. He has the uncanny ability to apply the theoretical to the practical; to be a dispassionate observer of human behavior in large and small  organizational settings, drawing lessons from what is observed, and then able to reach a variety of audiences, enabling them to grasp, through his teaching and consulting genius, what they need to know to overcome the many inhibitors to efficiency, productivity and stability in diverse settings. What distinguishes Jeff from the many other consultants, speakers, trainers and faculty with whom I have worked over the years, is his authenticity as a teacher. His ability to connect with the people with whom he is working, to bring executives, managers and students, to a point where actually learn and seek to change their ways of knowing and ways of doing, the latter two being the sine qua non of real change in any enterprise.”
—Daniel J Julius, Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Alaska System of Higher Education, Former President, College and University Personnel Association  and Academy of Academic Personnel Administrators 

“We have the pleasure of working with Jeff Pfeffer as a presenter/facilitator in our Leadership Academy program.  Over the past three years, Jeff has led interactive, dynamic discussions with our leaders on the topic of talent and the human side of organizations.  He consistently receives rave reviews.”
Erika Duffy, Sr. Transformation Consultant, Leadership Academy Program Manager, Sutter Health University

A few remarks from our participants include:

“Jeffrey Pfeffer was outstanding!”

“Breadth and depth of speaker’s knowledge and expertise made a very stimulating discussion.”

“Jeff was fabulous—best presenter we have had so far.”